My Journey

Do something scary

Okay, this is it. Today’s the day I am going to live this quote – for real! And, I am – right here, and right now – going to make a commitment to myself, that I am going to step out of my comfort zone and do whatever it takes to reach my goals. And, that means doing things that are kinda scary…

I figure that in order to keep myself accountable, I’m going to need to do something really public… so, I’ve decided to start this blog and share my journey and ask YOU – my friends, readers and peeps to help me! (That’s actually 2 scary things for me… opening up and sharing my insecurities and asking for help!)

Can you relate? I don’t know about you, but making the world believe that I have all my SH*T together has been a way of life for me. I have a hard time letting people see my cracks (and there are plenty!) and an even harder time letting go and just being spontaneous.

I am a BIG FAT planner and while being one has kept me sane during some crazy busy parts of my life (i.e. having a schedule was definitely a necessity when raising triplets!), I feel like all that planning has really dulled my sparkle.

Well – no more! I am ready to tackle all those little negative thoughts and go out on a limb and do something that scares me each and every day. And, I’m going to share that journey for all the world to see! I’m just betting that I’ll find a bit more happiness on the other side.

Want to join me on my journey? If yes, then join me back here tomorrow for my Day 2 revelation!

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